Undergraduate Islamic Studies Certificate

Undergraduate Islamic Studies Certificate


Undergraduate courses in Islamic studies are coordinated by the Duke Islamic Studies Center (DISC). These courses are designed to educate students about Islam and Muslim cultures, beliefs, and practices so they are prepared upon graduation to engage Muslim communities knowledgeably and productively in their professional careers or prepared to pursue graduate study.

The Duke Islamic Studies Center also sponsors lectures and conferences that bring prominent American and international Islamic studies scholars, artists, writers, and performers to Duke; coordinates a Middle East and Islamic Studies Focus cluster; and promotes cross-cultural exchange regarding Islam and Muslim communities.

To earn an undergraduate certificate in Islamic Studies, students must complete six (6) courses:

  • An introductory course (one semester of the two-semester sequence “Introduction to Islamic Civilization”).
  • A capstone experience involving a research paper as a junior or senior.
  • Four (4) additional elective courses, two of which must be at the 100-level or above.