A Tale of Two Nations: Elijah Muhammad, Abdul Basit Naeem, and Muslim Solidarities in the Black Atlantic World

April 8, 2021 - 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Dr. Alaina Morgan

In 1957, a young, scrappy Pakistani journalist named Abdul Basit Naeem showed up at the doors of the Nation of Islam's headquarters in Chicago with a mission to meet the Supreme Leader, Elijah Muhammad, himself. Naeem was the publisher of a small publication called the Moslem World & the U.S.A. where he sought to build diasporic connections between Muslims throughout the ummah and the United States. Muhammad had something Naeem wanted - connections to Black Muslims throughout the nation - and Naeem had something Muhammad desperately needed

Alaina Morgan is Assistant Professor in the Department of History at USC. Trained as a historian of the African Diaspora, Professor Morgan's research focuses on the historic utility of religion, in particular Islam, in racial liberation and anti-colonial movements of the mid- to late-twentieth century Atlantic world. As part of a body of work of intellectual, political, and religious history, Professor Morgan research teases out the connections between religious identity and racial formation, intellectual discourse and grassroots activism, and local and global politics.

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