Spanish Linguistics of the Medieval Period

November 1, 2021 - 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Bruno Estigarribia

The Convivencia Lecture Series welcomes Bruno Estigarribia, Professor of Spanish Linguistics at UNC, to discuss "Spanish Linguistics of the Medieval Period."

Bruno Estigarribia is a Hispanic linguist who studies the structure of Paraguayan Guarani and of Spanish (in particular Argentinian Spanish), and in the contact of both these languages. He was born in Argentina to a Paraguayan father (bilingual speaker of Spanish and Guarani) and an Italian mother (bilingual speaker of Spanish and Calabrian). This background sparked in him an early fascination with language. Language is an everyday miracle, both run-of-the-mill and mysterious. It raises questions whose answers seem sometimes obvious, sometimes elusive, but they are always crucial to understanding what it is to be human. His work inscribes itself in a long tradition of research examining what it means to (and how we get to) know one or many languages. How should we describe our unique human language knowledge? How do discourse and usage shape the structure of language? How do we understand the language competence of multilingual/multicultural speakers? In addition, he has a strong commitment to multidisciplinarity. Estigarribia believes in using cross-disciplinary methodological approaches to linguistic problems. He uses literature sources, conversational data, web and social media data, experimental designs, and standardized assessments.

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