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Introducing Hanan Jasim Khammas, Postdoc in Islamic Studies Center

Joining Duke University on July 1, Hanan Jasim Khammas will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Duke Islamic Studies Center (DISC).

Earning Ph.D. in literary theory and comparative literature from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Hanan’s research brings together a multidisciplinary approach on the ethics and aesthetics of corporeal representations in the contemporary cultural and political interaction between Arabic, and Anglo-American Literatures and thought. It shows that there is a conceptual shift in expressing corporeality, investing the religious and traditional framework into a more transcultural frames of identification

Hanan has published the book Writing Through the Body: Iraqi Responses to the War on Terror. By relying on feminist studies and cultural semiotics this book puts forward a sociocultural and a literary genealogy of the body in Iraqi culture and it analyzes how such genealogy relates the Anglo-American cultural production regarding the War on Terror. 

During the postdoctoral fellowship, Hanan will conduct research in contemporary Arab-Muslim feminist discourses of the past ten years, and she will take part in the intellectual life at DISC and will assist in the organization and development of the center’s academic activities.