Juhood Fall 2020 Issue release

February 18, 2021



FALL 2020

Juhood Fall 2020 Issue


Dear Readers and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I present Juhood Volume 3, Issue 1. After perhaps one of the strangest college semesters in Duke history, we survived! I can’t say it was particularly easy, and I don’t know what next semester has in store, but I left Durham this November feeling extremely lucky for my friends, family, and Juhood Team. 

I would like to start by thanking my wonderful peers on Juhood Magazine’s Executive Board: Hadeel Hamoud (President of Juhood), Grayson Real (Magazine Editor), and Gianna Affi (Director of Operations). Through what seemed to be the endless summer months of quarantine and then a quiet fall in our cozy house on 9th Street, we worked diligently to transition all aspects of what was previously known as Duke Association for the Middle East (DAME) to Juhood Magazine. We were following in some big footsteps. When Jake and Bryan graduated last year, it became our gig; they started something truly wonderful and left their indelible mark on both Duke and Juhood, an act nearly impossible to follow. Though we miss them dearly, I am so proud of what we have accomplished. In the last eight months, we revamped Juhood’s website, launched our online magazine, hosted our new event series Juhood Talks and Juhood Spotlight, created a podcast (which should be dropping this spring!), and even began to design our own merchandise (be on the lookout for that too). None of this was possible without you three. So thank you Hadeel, Gray, and Gianna. Not only are you my best friends, but also three of the most hardworking, measured, and inspirational people I know. How lucky am I to be on your team.

And now, most importantly, since we are celebrating the publication of this journal, after all, thank you to my editorial team. A very special thank you to Ava who put incredible effort, time, and work into editing these essays to perfection, as well as Gianna, once again, for making sure the whole operation ran smoothly. Thank you Jeremy, Hana, and Jasper for your edits, honest critiques, and vision. Thank you Julia, whose stunning illustrations bring a new, unique life and flavor to the pages of Juhood. And finally, thank you Alia for trusting us from Yemen with your beautiful artwork. We are so excited for our readers to get a glimpse of the world through your eyes.

Jake used to say that Juhood’s beauty lies in its honest and youthful undergraduate imperfections. This journal is far from perfect, but it has been made with a lot of heart. I hope you all enjoy.

- Hannah

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