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Chinese opera in contemporary Taiwan: Wei Hai Min 魏海敏 and Her Personae


Wei Hai Min 魏海敏

The Duke Asian/Pacific Studies Institute and the Taiwan Studies Working Group present a special Autumn Moon event with Peking Opera diva Wei Hai Min. Wei will lecture on and demonstrate artistic features of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang's "Dan" opera performance, and reflect upon her own career as an opera performer of the Mei tradition in today's Taiwan. Drawing from her own renowned performances from the traditional repertoire, as well as in cross-cultural adaptations as Lady Macbeth in "The City of Desire," as Medea in "Woman from Loulan," and Qiqiao in Eileen Chang's "The Story of of the Golden Lock" and others, Wei's master class allows us to learn about Chinese opera from one of its leading practitioners, while introducing Taiwan's vibrant culture of contemporary theater. Lecture and demonstration: Wei Hai Min Moderation/interpretation: Eileen Cheng-yin Chow Reception to follow the talk/performance About the artist: An internationally renowned performing artist, Wei Hai Min is an heir of the Mei School established by Mei Lanfang and the lead actor of GuoGuang Opera Company. In 1991, Wei became Mei Baojiu's first official disciple. She has solid training in the Mei School and excels in interpreting and impersonating diverse roles, both ancient and modern, in the Mei School and other performing styles. Her performance is acclaimed by global audiences and art critics. Beyond classical jingju titles, Wei Hai-Min amazes the audience with the diverse roles she has created, be they noble, shrewish, or melancholic, Wei impersonates them vividly with grace, flair, and artistic excellence. She not only masters but even redefines the art of jingju performance, bestowing the stage with numerous unforgettable characters. A bright star on stage, Wei has won numerous awards, including the Golden Melody Award (2008), the National Award for Arts (2007), the Plum Blossom Award of Chinese Theatre (1996), the Outstanding Young Person of the World Award (1996), the Best Artist in Asia Award (1993), among others. She is currently the leading actress of GuoGuang Opera Company and the Contemporary Legend Theatre, and the director of the Wei Hai Min Chinese Opera Foundation.


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