A Conversation about the Uyghur Genocide with Aydin Anwar

March 4, 2021 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Aydin Anwar

Aydin Anwar is an Uyghur American with over 90 relatives missing in China's mass surveillance and incarceration system. Last year, Aydin served as the team lead of the Save Uyghur campaign under Justice For All, a human rights non-profit advocating against systematic Muslim oppression worldwide. During her youth and college years, she worked on East Turkistan advocacy by raising awareness through media, public speaking, and working on relief efforts for Uyghur refugees in Turkey. She has spoken on multiple media outlets on the topic of East Turkistan, genocide, and the faulty 'war on terror', with her most notable video piece on Now This garnering over 100 million online views worldwide.

Aydin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University in International Comparative Studies.

This talk will be moderated by Professor Ralph Litzinger, Duke, Cultural Anthropology.

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