Academic Journal: Juhood

Juhood Cover


Juhood is an academic journal on the Middle East that is edited by undergraduates at Duke University. The journal is published once a semester (twice annually) online and in print to create a platform for excellent undergraduate academia on the region. All undergraduates, regardless of their home institution, are welcome and encouraged to submit any and all work that they have produced. Students who have recently graduated are welcome to submit papers as well.  To read the most current issue, visit here.

Juhood Magazine is a branch of the journal that is regularly updated online. All content within the magazine does not qualify by the technical or academic standards of the journal but nonetheless provides valuable thinking and perspective on the region. Expect to find op-eds, photo essays, short films, and other journalistic content within the magazine. Anyone, including non-undergrads, is welcome to submit work to the magazine.

Our history is short—in 2009, a group of Duke undergrads published the first edition of Juhood that ran inconsistently until 2013. In 2018, a new group of enthusiastic Duke undergraduates rebuilt the journal from the ground up, eventually publishing the first issue of the first volume of the second edition in March 2019. Today, the journal operates as an independent branch of the Duke Association for the Middle East, an on-campus student organization dedicated to advancing and improving the undergraduate study of the Middle East at Duke.