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ISLAMiCommentary is a public scholarship forum about Islam and Muslim communities managed out of the The Duke Islamic Studies Center.

ISLAMiCommentary aims to inform public discourse and policy on Islam and Muslim communities from a variety of perspectives. The ISLAMiCommentary site publishes original content under the i-Comment umbrella and aggregates content from other sources.

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The Transcultural Islam Project is housed at the Duke Islamic Studies Center (Duke University) and implemented in partnership with the Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations (UNC Chapel Hill) and the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (Oxford University).This multi-year project is funded by the Islam Initiative of the the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

This Transcultural Islam Project has two overarching goals:

1) To accelerate transmission of new knowledge and inform public discourse about Islam and Muslims in the U.S. by developing a domestic outreach network of civic, media and policy leaders for distribution of research and scholarship. ISLAMiCommentary is the distribution platform for this network.

2) To develop an international network of scholars and research centers, the TIRN Scholars network, to stimulate the generation and exchange of research about contemporary Islam and Muslim communities.

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