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  • Azeddine Chergui

  • Arabic Instructor
  • Duke Islamic Studies Center
  • 120 Baker House
  • Campus Box 3201
  • Phone: (919) 668-2430
  • Fax: (919) 416-2129
  • Pager: (919) 970-1245
  • Bio

    Azeddine Chergui holds an MA in International Development Policy from the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy from Duke University and an MA in English Language & Literature from Mohammed Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco. In addition to researching Moroccan prison literature, he is examining the creative cultural energy generated by the Arab Spring — in music, theater, social media, TV talk- shows, and the press — and the youth movement’s appropriation of the public sphere. Chergui also serves as a Resident Advisor in the International Patient Center at Duke University Health System.
Azeddine Chergui
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