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Duke University is committed to building an Islamic Studies program that approaches Islam as a global phenomenon and is genuinely interdisciplinary, extending our established strength in humanities and religious studies to the social sciences.

The Graduate School does not offer advanced degrees in Islamic Studies. Instead, our faculty and graduate students pursue their studies within departments where they specialize in the study of Islam and Muslims. 

Technology and the Sacred: Voices and Faces of the Adhan in Cairo

    • doris duke
 by JULIE POUCHER HARBIN, EDITOR, TIRN and ISLAMiCommentary on MARCH 16, 2014:  In  2007 Ukrainian-born artist Anna Kipervaser began work on a multimedia documentary project about the muezzins who recite the Muslim call to prayer (the adhan) in Cairo. In 2009, the project came to encompass a feature length documentary film… Read More
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The Paradox of Militant Democracy

    • alex kirshner bw
by JULIE POUCHER HARBIN, EDITOR, ISLAMiCommentary on OCTOBER 9, 2013:    Assistant Professor of Political Science at Duke University Alex Kirshner gave an intellectually challenging public talk last month on “A Theory of Militant Democracy: The Ethics of Combatting Political Extremism,” touching on cases ranging from Reconstruction-era American history, to 1992… Read More
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Spring 2013 Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies Course List

In anticipation of robust activity during drop-add period, we have provided a list of Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies courses for Spring 2013 for reference found here.  

 Open Society Foundations 2013 Middle East Rule of Law (MEROL) Master Scholarship Application Open

The Middle East Rule of Law (MEROL) program aims to assist in the creation of a critical mass of reform-minded professionals in the Middle East working in fields crucial to the development and sustainability of open societies. 

In conceiving of the foundations of the “Rule of Law” to include the healthy functioning of various public sectors beyond law itself, MEROL represents an extension of the Open Society Foundations’ Palestinian Rule of Law Program (PROL).  Since 2003, the PROL program has supported over 50 LLM fellowships for Palestinian lawyers who are now engaged in law reform, teaching, and the development of a Palestinian rule of law infrastructure.

The application is due by Feb. 7, 2013. Find more information here.

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New Certificate in College Teaching 

The Certificate in College Teaching will appear on the transcript of PhD students who complete its requirements as an officially endorsed Duke University Graduate School certificate; it is being offered in order to recognize and validate professional development activities undertaken by PhD students and add competitiveness and value to PhDs awarded to Duke graduate students.

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If you are interested in graduate Islamic Studies at Duke, you must meet the admission and graduation requirements of the Graduate School and the department or program that will serve as the disciplinary home for your research on Islam and the Muslim world.

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