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The Duke Islamic Studies Center is a vibrant, diverse community of scholars and students engaged in interdisciplinary teaching, interactive learning, and cutting-edge research about Islam and Muslims. One of the leading institutions in North America for the study of Islam and Muslims, we are educating today's students to become tomorrow's leaders. Read full mission and history.

As of May 2013, the Islamic Studies Certificate is under review and is not accepting new students until further notice. Students who are currently enrolled in the certificate program will receive a certificate if they fulfill existing requirements. 

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Understanding ISIS’s Apocalyptic Appeal

by ELLA LIPIN for COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS (MIDDLE EAST MATTERS BLOG) on SEPTEMBER 10, 2014: President Barack Obama’s expected announcement today of a… Read More...
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    • David Schanzer

Take a Deep Breath and Build a Coalition to Confront ISIS

by DAVID SCHANZER and LT. COL. TIM NICHOLS (U.S.M.C. RET.) for ISLAMiCommentary on SEPTEMBER 8, 2014: As people who have been studying and, at… Read More...
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    • David Schanzer

Israel Can’t Afford to Lose Jews Like Me

by DAVID H. SCHANZER for ISLAMiCommentary on AUGUST 8, 2014: Writing in the New York Times today, columnist Shmuel Rosner labeled non-Israeli liberal Jews… Read More...
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Wanderlust: Duke Students Document Their Journeys to Morocco, Cameroon, Qatar, Turkey, Bosnia Spain

compiled by JULIE POUCHER HARBIN, EDITOR, ISLAMiCommentary using submissions by DUKE STUDENTS for GEOReflects Photo Contest 2014/Duke Global Education for Undergraduates: All photos submitted… Read More...
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    • Omid Safi (2014)

Duke receives $3 million gift to fund directorship for Islamic studies

Duke University has received a $3 million gift from alumna Bettye Martin Musham to establish a directorship for Islamic studies, President Richard H. Brodhead announced… Read More...
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About DISC

Gil Merkx, previous director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center, highlights the mission of the center and talk about DISC's current projects.

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